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Summary of Proposal MTH0366

TitleWide bandwidth Interferometry
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Dr. Brcic, Ramon - DLR, IMF
Mr. Adam, Nico - DLR, IMF
Dr. Papathanassiou, Konstantinos - DLR, IHR
Mr. Steinbrecher, Ulrich - DLR, IHR
Mr. Schulze, Daniel - DLR, IHR
Dr. Krieger, Gerhard - DLR, IHR
Dr. Metzig, Robert - DLR, IHR
Dr. Nagler, Thomas - ENVEO, ENVEO
Prof. Rott, Helmut - ENVEO, ENVEO
Mr. Breit, Helko - DLR, IMF
Dr. Zandona-Schneider, Rafael - DLR, IHR
SummaryThe study aims to derive the absolute phase constant of each pixel of a SAR interferogram by exploiting the large range bandwidth of up to 300 MHz. If successful, phase unwrapping errors could be avoided or reduced in the future. The results have impact on all applications of SAR interferometry such DEM generation, dInSAR or PSI. In the study algorithms and test sites are defined to develop algorithms and to prove exisiting theory. Algorithms and test data will be delivered to ESA in the frame of the project. The work is funded by ESA ITT ITT 5509, contract No. 3400802.

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