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Summary of Proposal MTH0359

TitleTerraSAR-X study on preoperational crisis and disaster support for DeSecure
Investigator Gaehler, Monika - DLR, DLR - US
Team Member
Mr. Schwinger, Maximilian - DLR, DLR-DFD-BI
Mrs. Reissig, Katja - DLR, DLR-DLR-MF-AP
Mr. Wolfmüller, Meinhard - DLR, DLR-DFD-IT
Mr. Guder, Georg - DLR, DLR-DFD-BN
Mrs. Wessel, Birgit - DLR, DLR-DFD-US
Mr. Sparwasser, Nils - DLR, DLR-DFD-US
Mrs. Hoja, Danielle - DLR, IMF.PB
Dr. Hinz, Stefan - TU Munich, Remote
Dr. Hellwich, Olaf - TU Berlin, Computer
Dr. Koudogbo, Fifame - Infoterra, RADAR
Mrs. Schmidt, Nadine - Infoterra, RADAR
MR. Weise, Christian - Definiens, Consulting
Mr. Quadt, Udo - ProDV, Research & Innovation
Mrs. Hoeber, Erika - RapidEye, Research
SummaryDeSecure is a joint project initiated by the German Space Agency (DLR). Its purpose is to improve the quality of satellite base crisis information for Germany. The purpose of DeSecure is to improve the timely delivery of useful, accurate and efficient information obtained with the help of satellites to German users. Therefore the entire production cycle (data reception, preprocessing, information extraction, and dissemination) is to be analyzed and optimized. The focus is on integrating data from the future German satellites TerraSAR-X and RapidEye into this production cycle. The TS-X satellite system will be optimised for the specific requirements of disaster response (see detailed description).

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