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Summary of Proposal MTH0352

TitleObserving archaeoastronomical sites at Nabta Playa, Egypt with TerraSAR-X
Investigator Rosen, Paul - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Radar Science and Engineering
Team Member
ALOS Project Scienti Shimada, Masanobu - JAXA, Earth Observing Resource Center
President Brophy, Thomas - EMCS, None
SummaryWe will create topographic maps of the region from the highest resolution TerraSAR-X data available, preferably multiple data takes of finest resolution spotlight-mode SAR data. We will use these topographic maps to geocode times series of L-band data acuqired by ALOS PALSAR to generate radiometrically accurate maps of the subsurface of the area, looking for buried archaeological features. We will also use the topographic maps and X-band radar imagery, as well as high resolution optical imagery, as means of discriminating surface features from buried features in the L-band data. The data requirements for Terrasar-X are sufficient data acquisitions to produce a 3-5 m resolution topographic product over the study area with sub-meter relative vertical accuracy. The deliverables are topographic maps and geocoded imagery, and interpretation of the data in terms of archaeological information. The results will be published in peer reviewed journals. The funding exists at JPL to carry out this work under general radar applications research.

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