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Summary of Proposal MTH0312

TitleRadiometric improvement of TerraSAR-X data without geometric resolution loss by using time series.
Investigator Romero, Rosana - Indra, Remote Sensing
Team Member
Ms. Gonzalez, Silvia - Indra Espacio, Remote Sensing
Mr. Carrasco, Daniel - Indra Espacio, Remote Sensing
SummaryHigh resolution TerraSAR-X products open new possibilities in the Remote Sensing field of radar satellite. These new products enable radar community to explore into the very high resolution radar images (<= 1-3 m). Last 25 years new applications, methodology, algorithms, etc have been appeared regularly for C-band radar images. Now all these knowledge has to be transferred to X-band radar data. During 2006 and 2007 an ESA project ("Products in support of the CFSP", in the frame of the DUE Innovator Programme) enabled Indra to demonstrate the benefits of using time series images (named superresolution SAR images) obtained with ERS and Envisat data (20 m of pixel spacing). With this superresolution technique better C-band resolution images (radiometric and geometric) were obtained, demonstrating the use of superresolution SAR images to change detection in man-made features. Up to now, due to the low resolution of C-band SAR sensors (about 8-20 m) and the inherent speckle noise of its images, radar imagery has not been used for change detection. Another goal achieved during the project was the demonstration of advantages of radar data - its all-weather and day night capabilities- in unreachable areas to optical satellites due to the cloud cover and reduced daylight. Considering the products provided by TerraSAR-X Mission, the present proposal aims to test the superresolution technique in Stripmap images (<= 3m of pixel spacing; 30 km x 50 km of swath). Indeed, the objective is to programme several Stripmap products during a year, to obtain time series images and to detect changes produced along time. It will be explored the advantages/disadvantages of using Stripmap products to obtain higher resolution images against to use Spotlight products (<= 1 m of pixel spacing; 10 km x 10 km of swath) directly. For this purpose, Spotlight data will be ordered too. Also, a demonstration of the application of the superresoltuion technique in Spotlight products will be developed. The objective is to study if improvements in the VHR TerraSAR-X products can be obtained and in which percentage. The study will be carried out in Madrid area, where a lot of studies have been conducted by us. Optical and SAR data will be available to validation tasks if needed. Indra Espacio internal funding will be used to run the project.

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