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Summary of Proposal COA0308

TitleEvaluation of ship signatures in TerraSAR-X imagery using coastal-received AIS data
Investigator Vachon, Paris - Defence R and D Canada - Ottawa, Radar Applications and Space Technologies
Team Member
Mr. Wolfe, John - Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Radar Applications and Space Technologies
Dr. English, Ryan - Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Radar Applications and Space Technologies

This proposal seeks to extend C-band models for ship radar cross-section and its variability, developed using RADARSAT-1 and Envisat ASAR data, to X-band TerraSAR-X data will be collected in a variety of modes in conjunction with coastal-received Automatic Identification System (AIS) data over high-density shipping regions, leading to a database of validated ship signatures at X-band. This information may be used to derive semi-empirical models for the ship radar cross section and its variability and to derive ship signature metrics, such as the signature length, which may be used for automatic target recogniton. This permits an assessment of the capability of TerraSAR-X and other X-band SAR missions for ship detection, and the derived models will contribute to the design of future spaceborne SAR missions.

The proposal requires 60 TerraSAR-X images distributed over test sites that include Strait of Dover and Strait of Gibraltar. The project activities will be funded by DRDC Ottawa. The key output will be a formal DRDC report that describes the trials and the analysis outcomes. Results could also be published in conference proceedings or in the refereed literature.

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