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Summary of Proposal MTH0303

TitleTerraSAR-X feasibility study on preoperational crisis and disaster management support
Investigator Voigt, Stefan - DLR, US
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummarySatellite imagery plays an ever increasing role in the context of civilian disaster management and humanitarian relief operations. Over the past years relief organisations and decision makers in all types of crisis response gained more and more interest in including up to date satellite information into their mission and operation management procedures. While optical satellite imagery in the 10m and 1m class, has already gained quite wide ranging acceptance due to its intuitive natural colour representation and the fact that the imagery is relatively easy to process, interpret and use for map generation, SAR imagery is still a niche data source for the operational disaster relief and crisis response operation with the only exception in case of large area flooding situations where SAR imagery from ERS, ENVISAT or RADARSAT are even today widely used as a data source for mapping of flood extent. However, also these SAR mappings are mainly done by scientific experts. It is the scope of this study to further explore and expand the use of high resolution x-band SAR imagery for rapid mapping and analysis purposes in the context of natural disaster, humanitarian relief and general civilian crisis situations. It will test and optimize TerraSAR-X analysis capacities and system response for various types of crisis situations and furthermore TerraSAR-X imagery will be tested and included in further research and crisis response work of DLRs Center for Satelllite Based Crisis Information (ZKI).

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