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Summary of Proposal MTH0275

TitleTOR (Tracking, Occultation and Ranging Cat. A Instrument Package) Team Proposal: Geodetic Imaging of Hazards with X-Band InSAR
Investigator Kaufmann, Hermann - GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Geodesy and Remote Sensing
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryThis proposal considers the role of X-band radar interferometry (InSAR) in imaging natural and human-induced hazards. Houston, Phoenix, New Orleans and their surrounding areas will be imaged with the TSX instrument. These generally urban study sites are chosen for their scientifically relevant hazards affecting a large number of people and their likelihood of best exploiting the characteristics of X-band InSAR.We will employ variants of both the persistent scatterer (PS) and full resolution small baseline subset (SBAS) techniques in a first time demonstration of X-band InSAR time series analysis. The nature of the X-band scattering surface will be elucidated with TSX dual polarization data and LIDAR data where available. We will also introduce a novel approach for using LIDAR elevation measurements as part of the height correction step in the PS and SBAS methodologies. The TSX InSAR results will be compared with Envisat and archived ERS SAR data.We anticipate the higher resolution and shorter orbit repeat cycle of TSX will provide finer spatiotemporal sampling for InSAR time series of urban deformation as compared to current C-band SAR systems. We will exploit these data to better resolve subtle deformation phenomena identified in our previous research: episodic differential subsidence across Houston-area faults and seasonal fluctuations in Phoenix and New Orleans subsidence patterns.Funding comes from Dr. Buckley’s ongoing financial support to develop InSAR time series analysis software as well as a pending proposals with NASA and the Texas General Land Office.

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