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Summary of Proposal COA0274

Investigator Lehner, Susanne - DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, MF SAR BF
Team Member
Dr. Batista, Gloria - Gracilaria de Panama, City of Knowledge
Dr. König, Thomas - DLR, IMF GW
SummaryTerraSAR X data will be used to determine environmental parameters at the Atlantic and Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. Oil spill and drift of oil spills will be monitored and its effect on the coast will be studied in different weather and sea state conditions. The work is organized into the subjects "Anthropogenic and natural regional changes", "Methods for monitoring coastal waters" and "Prognosis and control of coastal processes". Features under study include geophysical processes such as ocean waves, currents, morphodynamics and regional transport of substances and their effects on the ecosystem. Trends for the medium and long term, for example in the coastal climate or pollution by materials, are ascertained and investigated with the aid of environmental statistics and detailed simulation models. Methods for operational environment monitoring and environment forecasting are being developed, as are analytical methods for identifying and evaluating "new" anthropogenic substances and characterizing valuable marine substances. All processes and measuring systems are subject to strict quality controls. Several optical satellite images will be used for comparison. Funding is provided by internal funds of DLR, testing the wind and sea state algorithms, the EU project MARISS (Ship detection) and support for the ship campaigns is given by the Caribbean Coastal Monitoring Center of Colon.

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