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Summary of Proposal LAN3448

TitleDeriving hedgerow connectivity indices from SAR for biodiversity research
Investigator Radoux, Julien - Université catholique de Louvain, Earth and Life Institute
Team Member
Pr Defourny, Pierre - Université catholique de Louvain, Earth and Life Institute
SummaryThis proposal is funded by the Belgian Science Policy in the frame of the BiodivERsA project called "WOODNET". It is a continuation of LAN3114 proposal, which is led by a team that takes also part in the woodnet project. Green infrastructure is a strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areaswith other environmental features designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services such as water purification, air quality,space for recreation and climate mitigation and adaptation. Woody element play a key role in Green infrastructures based on the function in habitat connectivity. Depending on the species, woody element may indeed act as corridors (e.g. for bats) or as barriers (e.g. for aphids). Their functionnality however depends on their 3D structure, which cannot be characterized with optical data. In this proposal, we aim at generalizing the method implemented by Betbeder et al to derive usefull indices for the functional type of woody structures. In order to better understand the contribution of woody element for agricultural pest regulation, we will work on i) a larger range of landscape in France and Belgium with a gradient of fragmentation and ii) animal species affected by the woody structure acting as either barriers or corridors. From a methodological aspect, the potential use of images at different phenological stages will be assessed and different normalisation strategies will be tested in order to derive an absolute 3D structure index instead of a scene relative index.

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