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Summary of Proposal LAN3437

TitleComplex large deformation monitoring based on pixel offset-tracking and Corner Reflectors in coal mining area
Investigator Liu, Zhenguo - China University of Mining and Technology, School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics
Team Member
Prof. Lei, Shaogang - China University of Mining and Technology, School of Environment Science and Spatial informatics
Dr. Liu, Wanli - Xuzhou University of Technology, School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
SummarySubsidence monitoring in coal mining area becomes increasingly important due to the extensive exploitation of coal resources. However, subsidence caused by underground coal mining is featured by spatially large deforming gradient, temporally high nonlinearity, and absolutely large deformation value, bringing great challenges for reliable DInSAR or PSI analysis and application. Firstly, the spatially large deforming gradient makes the differential phase not continuous anymore between neighboring pixel, breaking the fundamental assumption for successful phase unwrapping. Temporally high nonlinearity makes PSI and some other phase stacking methods not applicable since linear or approximately linear behavior of the deformation to be monitored is the primary precondition for these advanced DInSAR methods. Finally, the absolute deformation is so large that it could bring extra misalignment between two SAR images, thus leading to serious decorrelation in the interested area. The objective of this project is to integrate pixel-offset tracking into DInSAR for large deformation monitoring in coal mining area and evaluate the feasibility of CR-InSAR for large deformation monitoring, and based on the final DInSAR results and some ground surveying measurement, to seek the law of subsidence caused by super large working face. And in order to keep and improve the coherence, some Corner Reflectors (CR) will be installed in deforming and stable area. The deliverables will be surface subsidence maps, publications of journal paper, transfer of knowledge and a final report to DLR. Data requirements are as following: 40 frames registered in the interval of 11 days starting from the beginning of May, 2017, to July, 2018. Required data are SSC images in Spotlight(SL) mode with HH polarization, descending orbit, provided by DLR preferably with FTP server. This project will be funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (U1361214) and National Science and Technology (S&T) basic work (2014FY110800).

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