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Summary of Proposal GEO3398

TitleUse of new data to search for ground deformation in eastern North America
Investigator Pritchard, Matthew - Cornell University, Earth and Atmospheric Science
Team Member
Associate Professor Lohman, Rowena - Cornell University, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
SummaryEastern North America is generally thought to be "stable" -- meaningthat most areas are deforming very slowly (rates below 1 mm/yr),although some areas have earthquakes that can reach magnitude 6-7infrequently. As a result, few measurements of ground deformation in the region have been made. However, based on a limited reconnaissance InSAR study, we have found several areas of ground deformation exceeding 1cm/yr in the region caused by human activities and perhaps even somenatural processes. We suspect that deformation may be under-appreciatedbecause of the lack of observations. Therefore, we propose to make new TSX observations to complement our approved archive proposal to search for additional areas of ground deformationin Washington, DC as well as other areas of interest with sufficient data thatshould be further studied with satellite and ground observations.

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