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Summary of Proposal OCE3351

TitleDetection of highly vulnerable, small, non-metallic maritime vessels
Investigator Köster, Frank - Deuntsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Institut für Verkehrssystemtechnik / Abteilung Automotive
Team Member
Mr. Lanz, Peter - Univ. of Oldenburg / Jade Univ. of Applied Sciences Oldenburg , Dept. of Computing Science / Institute for Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinforma
Prof.Dr. Brinkhoff, Thomas - Jade Univ. of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, Institute for Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics
Prof.Dr. Möller, Matthias - Universität Bamberg,
SummaryThis proposal describes a two-step data collection campaign to test, adapt and refine SAR processing and analysis methods and to enhance the capabilities and develop improved methods for (semi)automatic detection of small, non-metallic, static or dynamic, less dispersive maritime vehicles. The first part of the campaign (called “testbed-campaign”) is designed to gather a limited amount of data for a pre-evaluation of the planned research project, very similar to a feasibility study. The main objective is to evaluate whether automatic detection of the targets using specific TerraSAR-X acquisition modes is possible under simplified circumstances. The follow-up campaign (here: “key-campaign”) will collect a more comprehensive dataset in a more complex setting and covering a wider range of sensor and scene parameters. The proposed research activities aim to test, benchmark and develop ship detectors for a successful and reliable (semi-)automatic detection of defined targets. The organizational framework is Peter Lanz’s PhD thesis which is part of the PhD-scholarship program SAMS at the Univ. of Oldenburg and the Jade Univ. Oldenburg. Furthermore, we want to inform the committee that funding and support for the ground truth campaign are in place and that no additional resources from DLR are needed.

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