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Summary of Proposal LAN3340

TitleLandslide Kinematic Measurements from TSX Data in Southwest Colorado
Investigator Madson, Austin - University of California - Los Angeles, Geography
Team Member
Assistant Professor Cavanaugh, Kyle - University of California - Los Angeles, Geography
Principal Scientist Fielding, Eric - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, Earth Sciences
SummaryThere are several different measurement techniques that are utilized to quantify the kinematics of landslides and earthflows throughout the world. The Slumgullion earthflow in southwest Colorado provides a unique opportunity to compare some of these different measurement techniques in a well-studied natural environment. The earthflow spans nearly 4 km in length with a width of around 200 m at the neck and an elevation difference of approximately 540 m from head to toe. Slumgullion displacement rates from high-resolution pixel tracking on both spaceborne SAR data (TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight mode) and UAS derived optical data are compared to each other as well as DInSAR (TerraSAR-X Stripmap mode) derived displacement rates. During July of 2016, a 16-day GPS field campaign was undertaken at the Slumgullion earthflow that was coincident with the TSX and the UAS data acquisitions and was used to validate the remotely sensed measurements. The strengths and weaknesses of the above-mentioned methodologies, as well as their respective displacement rates, are compared to each other and discussed. Finally, the methods and results from this study are compared to methods and rates from previously published Slumgullion earthflow studies in order to glean the most appropriate measurement method for this particular type of earthflow. Funding for the TSX Stripmap scenes is provided by a UCLA Department of Geography New Hire Startup Fund and funding for the research is provided by the UCLA Graduate Division Summer Research Program.

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