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Summary of Proposal LAN3332

TitleMonitoring thelandslides and ground subsidence in the western USA (Washington, Oregon,northern California) and West Texas with time-series InSAR method
Investigator Kim, Jin-Woo - Southern Methodist University, Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
Team Member
Professor Lu, Zhong - Southern Methodist University, Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
Research de la Fuente, Juan - USDA Forest Service, Klamath National Forest
SummaryWe propose to explore high-resolution TerraSAR-X images to detect and measure the landslide deformation in western USA and ground subsidence in West Texas. Our study areas include the major landslide sites, including the Gold Basin campground in Washington, USA as the first pilot site, which is heavily influenced by winter precipitation and thereby fluctuation of water table and increased soil moisture. During the first research period, we will focus on the historic landslides in the western USA, which have been archived in the database of USGS and US Forest Service. We will process all possible SAR datasets from TerraSAR-X, ALOS-1/2, Sentinel-1A/B, ERS-1/2, and ENVISAT, and calculate decadal sliding movements by applying SBAS and PSInSAR methods and comparing the outcomes with reports, GPS measurements, field survey, and supplementary data (precipitation, groundwater level, soil moisture). After we successfully finish the tasks during the first period, we will move forward to identify non-reported landslides using TerraSAR-X and monitor the newly-developed landslides in our study areas. Also, we will pay attention to the ground-subsidence in West Texas, which was triggered by oil production activities and solution mining due to the threat to the production facilities and roads. To sum up our achievements during our proposed research period, we will submit multiple papers to remote sensing/geophysics/geology journals with reports to the DLR.

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