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Summary of Proposal GEO3329

TitleMulti-temporal Multi-frequency PSI analysis
Investigator Nannini, Matteo - DLR, SAR Technology
Team Member
Dr. Nannini, Matteo - DLR, HR
Mr. Yague-Martinez, Nestor - DLR, HR
Dr. Prats-Iraola, Pau - DLR, HR
Dr. Kim, Jun Su - DLR, HR
Mr. Anahara, Takuma - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Space Technology Directorate , Earth Observation Research Center
SummaryThe goal of this work is to develop techniques to exploit simultaneously X-band TSX/TDX data along with ALOS/ALOS2 L-band data. By employing PSI processing techniques, retrieval obtained at those two frequencies can be compared and the evaluation of the correlation/discrepancies between the results will allow a better understanding of the detection capabilities at the two different operational frequencies. Three main test sites being subject to different kind of morphological changes will be evaluated, namely the area of Campi Flegrei in Italy, Mexico City in Mexico and Tokyo in Japan. Concerning the funding, this study is part of the DLR and JAXA research agreement.

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