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Summary of Proposal GEO3318

TitleStaring spotlight radar observations at holes: volcano craters and sinkholes
Investigator Walter, Thomas - GFZ, 2.1
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryCraters develop at volcanoes and elsewhere within short period, and are only rarely characterized by precursors. New studies, however, showed that small but detectable flexure may occur just prior to catastrophic collapse. A more detailed characterization of these precursors is one of the scientific aims of this work. Using the Staring Spotlight Mode, aim is to analyse such precursors, and investigate the collapse itself, as well as post-collapse in the near field. Often, a crater or pit collapse is followed by erosion and unloading, which may be associated to pore pressure variations in the underground. These are not understood and may play a major role in the later development and the repeatability of collapse events at the same location.

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