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Summary of Proposal LAN3247

TitleCombined TerraSAR-X and GNSS assessment of ground stability in Shenzhen (China) water reservoir
Investigator Motagh, Mahdi - Helmholtz Center Potsdam, GFZ, Geodesy and Remote Sensing
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryIn this project, through the collaboration with all project partners, we will develop a model for integrating results from different SAR sensors as well as integrating of InSAR with GNSS, to derive a robust and precise map of ground surface changes in the dam area. We will build two types of reflectors that could be precisely move up and down and will use them to test the InSAR data processing and estimate the atmosphere effect in the time series. We expect to detect localized anomalies reflecting the vulnerability of the area for failure. The results can then be combined with long-term measurements obtained using Beidou system to develop some settlement indices that can be used for early warnings and a better understanding of the on-going performance of the structure.

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