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Summary of Proposal MTH3241

TitleProspection of Archaeological Sites in Peru Using TerraSAR-X Data
Investigator Kolodziey, Artur - Geophysik Consultancy, Geophysik Consultancy
Team Member
Mrs Schättler, Birgit - DLR , Institut für Methodik der Fernerkundung

The purpose of this scientific research project is to investigate whether data from the TerraSAR-X mission are able to detect archaeological structures in the amazonian rainforest. TerraSAR-X data sets over well known archaeological sites will be analyzed and compared by the results of data obtained by LIDAR technology and ground-penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry and by archaeological excavation.

We expect a considerable increase of knowledge by using the high-resolution TerraSAR-X data in combination with TanDEM-X data, not only from the archaeological point of view, but moreover for the development of a new geoarchaeological method to discover and to trace so far unknown archaeological sites. High-resolution optical data will be used as reference, partly on well-known archaeological sites, partly in areas where historical data source give hints of early possible human settlements. This will help to plan and integrate the following geophysical prospecting methods in combination with optical satellite imagery and aerial photography.

The required amount of data includes small areas around some known archaeological monuments which are part of UNESCO world heritage and will cover unknown archaeological structures nearby.

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