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Summary of Proposal OCE3207

TitleDevelopment and improvement of algorithms for automated NRT ship detection and classification on TerraSAR-X images
Investigator Tings, Björn - DLR MF, SAR BF
Team Member
Dr. Velotto, Domenico - DLR, Remote Sensing Technology Institute
Dr. Jacobsen, Sven - DLR, Remote Sensing Technology Institute
Mr. Bentes, Carlos - Techniche Universität München, SAR Remote Sensing
Mr. Beuchel, Hendrik - Hochschule Bremen, Fachbereich Nautik
SummaryThe detection of ships is needed to provide a global awareness of ship positions, vessel and fleet movements and maritime traffic densities. Ship classification is used to determine ship parameters and predict vessel behaviour. Automatized ship detection and classification are inevitable components of Maritime Situation Awareness Systems

Areas of interest are European Seas for the purpose of traffic monitoring and, due to availability of terrestrial AIS, validation of extended and newly developed ship analysis methods. Other important areas are oceans around Africa in order to test the performance of methods in foreign waters on observation tasks like piracy pursuit and detection of border violations. For that reason beside established Modes also high-resolution and large-coverage TerraSAR-X-Modes are of interest and SSC- plus MGD-product types under different polarimetries will be utilized.

The algorithms are developed under NRT requirements in order to be used operationally. An operational processor periodically will be delivered to the satellite centre in Neustrelitz. Research contributions are regularly presented in scientific conferences and published in relevant literature.

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