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Summary of Proposal MTH3206

TitleSatellite Monitoring of Post-Tensioned Bridges
Investigator Hoppe, Edward - Virginia Department of Transportation, Virginia Transportation Research Council
Team Member
Zickler, Andrew - Virginia Department of Transportation,
Dr. Meyer, Franz - University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute
Mr. Bohane, Adrian - TRE Canada Inc., N/A
SummaryThe proposed study involves the application of satellite InSAR technology to the monitoring of post-tensioned bridges. It is proposed to monitor two bridges leading to the town of West Point in Virginia. These bridges are 1080 m long Lord Delaware Bridge over the Mattaponi River and 1632 m long Eltham Bridge over the Pamunkey River. Both bridges include 268 m long precast concrete, post-tensioned girders. Currently, there are concerns about the integrity of grout encasing post-tensioning steel strands and the potential long-term impact on the load carrying capacity of these girders. It is proposed to monitor bridge span deflections over time in order to evaluate possible loss of some post-tensioning forces due to steel strand degradation. Numerical modeling will be performed using InSAR analysis results as the main input. The results of this study will be directly applicable to the remote sensing methodology for other post-tensioned bridges.

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