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Summary of Proposal LAN3172

TitleMulti-method non-linear deformation estimation of a water reservoir in suburban Shangdong
Investigator Balz, Timo - Wuhan University, LIESMARS
Team Member
Mr Jendryke, Michael - Wuhan University, International Academy of GeoInformation
Mrs Wang, Ziyun - Wuhan University, LIESMARS

In general, four main steps should be carried out:

  • Estimation of non-linear deformations at a water reservoir
  • Comparison of different multi-baseline InSAR processing methods
    • Traditional PSInSAR
    • Traditional PSInSAR including a deformation model based on water level changes in the reservoir
    • StaMPS based approach for estimating deformations not related in time as implemented in WhuPsi
    • SBAS based approach probably more suitable for the suburban nature of the scene but with an estimated loss of resolution and accuracy
  • Analysis of the model based approach for linearizing non-linear deformations and validation
  • Three dimensional motion estimation by combination of deformations estimated from TerraSAR-X stripmap data (descending) and Sentinel-1 IW data (ascending)

The project is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 41174120) as well as internal funding of LIESMARS.

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