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Summary of Proposal OCE3146

TitleMonitoring the Atka Bay and the surrounding ocean regions near the polar research station Neumayer III, Antarctica
Investigator Höppner, Kathrin - German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD-LAX)
Team Member
Dr. Wesche, Christine - Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI), Infrastructure/Administration
MSc Geogr. Jakobsen, Jens - Danish Meteorological Institute, Operations, Weather, Ocean & Ice
Mr. Devanunthan, Nishendra - South African International Antarctic Program, Cape Town Management Offices
SummaryThe project will support scientific expeditions of the Alfred-Wegener Instutite (AWI) in the Atlantic sector southward of 60°S focussing on the Atka Bay and the surrounding ocean regions near Neumayer III Station. In addition, it is planned to also support research vessels of other institutions which are closely collaborating with AWI and which arrive at Neumayer III station during the project duration. High resolution TerraSAR-X radar data will be used for sea ice detection and monitoring including the identification of ice conditions, ice limits and ice floes areas. Therefore, near real time data are needed on-time and on-site during the planned campaigns being available for scientists working onboard the vessels. During the project duration of three years including three Antarctic summer seasons the seasonal ice evolution in the area of interest will be investigated. Additionally, high-resolution near real-time TerraSAR-X images will help to optimize ship routes in the entry lane to Neumayer III station.

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