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Summary of Proposal LAN3106

TitleApplying TerraSAR-X Datasets to Geo-Hazards Monitoring over the major cities in Southern China
Investigator JIANG, Mi - Hohai Univeristy, School of Earth Science and Engineering
Team Member
Dr. Xin, Tian - Southeast Univeristy, Department of Surveying and Mapping Engineering, School of Transportation
Dr. WANG, Chisheng - Shenzhen University, Key Laboratory for Geo-Environmental Monitoring of Coastal Zone of the National
SummaryMajor cities in Southern China has been suffering from various geo-hazards, including landslides and ground subsidence due to wet climate condition. Although InSAR has been a very promising technology for monitoring such geo-hazards, there have been considerable difficulties in doing this in this region due to the severe temporal decorrelation and atmospheric effects. The TerraSAR-X has offered an opportunity to more widely and successfully use InSAR technology to monitor geo-hazards due to shorter repeat period and high spatial resolution. This project will serve to demonstrate the advantages of the TerraSAR-X data and to further develop multitemporal InSAR technology for such applications in the region. More specifically, the research will (1) model atmospheric effects on TerraSAR-X interferometric measurements based on MODIS/GPS data, high-resolution atmospheric models, and data filtering; (2) monitor geo-hazards in major cities with TerraSAR-X datasets; (3) evaluate comparatively the performance of COSMO-SKYMED, ENVISAT, ERS, TERRASAR-X and PALSAR 1/2 data in monitoring geo-hazards under the specific ground and atmospheric conditions in the region; and (4) develop methods to jointly use multi-source data for long-term monitoring of geo-hazards in the region. The research will contribute to better understanding of the performance and advantages of TerraSAR-X in geo-hazards monitoring in urban areas, result in methods that will enable better and wider use of InSAR technology in the region, and help to mitigate severe geo-hazards. The research will also help to promote the wider use of TerraSAR-X data in the future.

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