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Summary of Proposal MTH3105

TitleTomoSAR and D-TomoSAR technique applied in urban infrastructure 4D information monitoring
Investigator Lei, Pang - Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Remote Sensing Engineering, School of Surveying and Mapping Spatia
Team Member
Professor Bingchen, Zhang - Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science, National Key Laboratory of microwave imaging technology
Summary(1)Objectives: this research will purpose a new method to obtain the precise 4D information of single urban building, merged with the matched optical image characteristics of single building’s top, which can be ultimately applied in monitoring of urban infrastructure. (2)Method: a.Generation of 3D point cloud of tomographic SAR data; b.3D reconstruction merged with optical top characteristic; c.Obtain deformation information by D-Tomographic SAR. (3)Data requirement and deliverables: There will be more than 30 images of 1 meter resolution TerraSAR data are required in this project, and the predicted deliverables include articles,patents,software system,and report. (4)All of the work is funded by The National Natural science foundation-youth foundation (No.61501019) and Scientific Research Project of Beijing Educational Committee (No.SQKM201610016008)

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