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Summary of Proposal HYD3058

TitleOutlet Glacier Dynamics in Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica
Investigator Peters, Leo - University of Tasmania, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies
Team Member
Associate Professor Schoof, Christian - University of British Columbia, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department
Research Galton-Fenzi, Benjamin - Australian Antarctic Division, N/A
Professor of Polar G King, Matt - University of Tasmania, Surveying and Spatial Sciences
Senior Principal Eng Joughin, Ian - Univeristy of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory
Senior Lecturer Watson, Christopher - University of Tasmania, Surveying and Spatial Sciences
Research Scientist Legresy, Benoit - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Oceans and Atmosphere
Research Scientist Fraser, Alex - Hokkaido University, Institute of Low Temperature Science
SummaryIncreasingly detailed observations over the last decade have revealed the dynamic nature of ice sheet margins, where rapid changes can be evident on short time scales [Rignot and Kanagaratnam, 2006; Pritchard et al., 2009]. The most dramatic examples have come from the Antarctic Peninsula, West Antarctica and Greenland, where significant increases in ice velocity, as well as ice front and grounding line retreat rates of kilometres per year, have been measured [Scambos et al., 2004; Moon and Joughin, 2008; Park et al., 2013]. A number of external triggers and physical processes have been linked to these changes. However, comparatively little is known about the extent to which the same processes affect East Antarctica. Ice flow velocities across the outlet glaciers of East Antarctica are limited, with sparse and sporadic observations of any changes that may be occurring across the region. A systematic set of observations is required to further our knowledge of how these glaciers will contribute to sea level over the next century. With its fine resolution and other capabilities, TSX is ideally suited to measure changes in the outlet glaciers of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica, where the two targeted glaciers are only a few kilometres wide. Thus, we propose to acquire a set of TSX observations across Princess Elizabeth Land. These data will be processed to yield a spatially-resolved time series of glacier velocity, which will be made available to the glaciology and other science communities. Detailed comparison of the TSX observations to in situ ground measurements and modeling results will provide a means for calibrating TSX-derived products for future use in constraining glaciological processes.

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