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Summary of Proposal LAN3028

TitleTerraSAR-X data for mapping glacial and periglacial processes in a latitudinal transect from West Antarctic Ice Sheet to the Andes
Investigator Arigony-Neto, Jorge - Federal University of Rio Grande, Institute of Oceanography
Team Member
Dr. Rosa, Ktia Kellem - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Polar and Climate Research Center
MSc. Andrade, Andr Medeiros - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Polar and Climate Research Center
Dr. Vieira, Rosemary - Fluminense Federal University, Department of Geography
SummaryThe proposal supports glacier and geomorphological research along a latitudinal gradient from the Ellsworth Mountains (80S), Antarctic Peninsula (70S), South Shetland Islands in the maritime Antarctica (60S), Southern Patagonia (54S) and tropical Andean mountains (15S). The main objective of the project is to generate, for the proposed study areas, high-resolution information on snow zones and geomorphogical dynamics of glacial, proglacial and periglacial areas. The proposal will detect the drainage system subseasonal evolution and interannual variation of wetland area, which play key roles in ecosystem dynamics and contribute in the total methane annually emitted to the atmosphere. For that, the project teams will combine methods based on field measurements for calibration and validation of algorithms adapted to extract snow parameters from SAR imagery and support geomorphological mapping, and laboratory work for development and adaptation of computer routines for analyses of multi-temporal SAR imagery. Besides that, other deliverables by the project include validation of existing algorithms for extraction of glacier parameters from SAR X-band imagery and improvement of routines for enhancement of geomorphologic and hydrologic features in proglacial and periglacial areas. Core personnel involved in the proposal are supported by positions at public universities in Brazil. Additional funding to support logistics and laboratory activities comes from research projects supported by INCT da Criosfera, Brazilian Antarctic Program, Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and Foundation for Research Support of Rio Grande do Sul state (FAPERGS).

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