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Summary of Proposal LAN3026

TitleRemote Sensing of vegetation dynamics at multiple scales
Investigator Schmidt, Michael - Queensland Governement, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation
Team Member
Prof. Lucas, Richard - University of New South Wales, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Bunting, Peter - Aberythwyth University, Geography and earth Sciences
Dr Scarh, Peter - The University of Queensland, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management
SummaryThis project addresses the research goal of identifying vulnerabilities and boundaries to the adaptability of changing natural and human systems and seeks to improve understanding of links between ecosystem health, climate and land use. The study also identifies natural and human-induced changes to ecosystems at tree to landscape scales and particularly extreme events. We will quantify changes to distributions of species, forest type, vegetation structure and biomass using multi resolution airborne and spaceborne remote sensing, which is relevant to national and international science programs calculating regional and global carbon budgets and ecosystem values and ensuring their effective management. The project will also transition the ILCP into a key site for the Joint Remote Sensing Research Program (JRSRP). Our algorithms and their validation will be critical for development and validation of models of tree succession and dynamics that should be transferable to other parts of the world. New and existing spaceborne remote sensing methods for detecting the key processes of disturbance, degradation and growth within intact forests will be developed providing future capacity for monitoring forests, including through the use of new sensors.In addition, information on pasture biomass is important for grazing stock potential and will be evaluated as part of this proposal

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