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Summary of Proposal LAN3023

TitleEvaluation of glacier movement in the area of west Greenland using corner reflectors
Investigator Matouskova, Eva - Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geomatics
Team Member
Ing, PhD. Hlaváčová, Ivana - Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geomatics
Prof. Pavelka, Karel - Czech Technical University in Prague, faculty of Civil Eng., Department of Geomatics
prof.Dr.-Ing. Korth, Wilfried - BEUTH Hochschule für Technik Berlin, Labor für geodätische Messtechnik
SummaryIn September 2015, an expedition to Greenland will be conducted. It is an international expedition performed by the CTU in Prague, FCE, Department of Geomatic,s in cooperation with BEUTH Berlin. It will provide unique information about an area that has very tough weather conditions and is hard to reach. The area of interest lies about 350km to the North from the Polar Circle and approximately 30km from the western coast of Greenland. During the expedition, four corner reflectors will be installed and their position will be documented with precise GPS unit. The corner reflector has the edge length of 62cm and therefore it is expected to be visible in the TerraSar-X images, especially in those with higher resolution. One of the reflectors will be placed on a rock and used as a reference point for the glacier shift. Three reflectors will be situated on the glacier body. The project requires two images of the area of interest in time just after reflector placing in order to evaluate the use of corner reflectors of this specific size in this specific location. Second acquisition (pair of images) should be performed 11 days after the first one (the following pass) and its purpose will be the glacier shift calculation. Results of this project will provide information about the use of corner reflectors placed on a glacier for radar interferometry and its possible use for the glacier shift. Outcomes of the project will be published in a journal and (if accepted) presented on a conference. Funding of the Greenland 2015 expedition and the project itself is provided by the Czech Technical University in Prague.

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