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Summary of Proposal LAN3006

TitleMonitoring of Man-made Changes using Synergistic C- and X-band satellite data
Investigator Kiefl, Nadine - Airbus Defence and Space, Geo-Intelligence
Team Member
Dr. Anderssohn, Jan - Airbus Defence and Space, Geo-Intelligence
Dr. Koppe, Wolfgang - Airbus Defence and Space, Geo-Intelligence
Mr. Bindrich, Maik - Airbus Defence and Space, Geo-Intelligence
Mrs. Hartley, Catherine - Airbus Defence and Space, Geo-Intelligence
Mrs. Busler, Jennifer - MDA Systems Ltd., -
Dr. Wehn, Hans - MDA Systems Ltd., -
Dr. Sharma, Jayanti - MDA Systems Ltd., -
SummaryMost of the human activities, mainly industrial, have a significant physical impact on the environment. For private and government organizations worldwide, it is important to understand and monitor these changes. Thus today, there is an increasing demand for information on changes of the Earth’s surface, including changes of land cover types, infrastructure and in surface elevation. Therefore, Airbus DS and MDA are joining their expertise to investigate, define and build methods for monitoring different types of changes, by optimal combination of space-based C- and X- band SAR systems. This combination shall use the strength of the different sensors for monitoring changes. The project will focus on changes of new buildings, roads, pipelines, other industrial infrastructure as well as de-forestation and re-forestationand surface movements due to human and industrial activities, such as fracking, enhanced oil recovery or mining. MDA will focus mostly on the wide-area change monitoring, while Airbus DS will focus on surface motion analysis in confined areas. Both companies will support the focus area of the other partner. It is planned to examine sites with a high dynamic of changes, like mining, oil and gas exploitation sites and the adjacent areas which are under constant pressure by human activities, where surface movements are very common. The following two test sites were identified: - Garzweiler, Germany: Active lignite mining site with present and future resettlement measures - Western Alberta, Canada: Oil / Gas extraction site It might turn out that one of the test sites is not useful to achieve the project objectives. Therefore, data for a third test site might be needed. MDA will focus on the development of advanced methods and software tools to detect, quantify and classify man-made changes in large areas of interest. Monitoring of wide areas will be performed using HRWS (HighResolution Wide Swath) RADARSAT-2 data. The information on observed changes will be used to task TS-X data for the high resolution change detection. The developments concerning TS-X data include: - Investigation on TS-X system performance and data acquisition requirements for change detection monitoring in combination with RADARSAT-2 data - Development of Amplitude Change Detection (ACD) methods to classify and quantify the high resolution changes on entire image stacks (fusion and comparison methods) Airbus DS will focus on: - Investigation of the synergistic use of C- and X-band data for deformation monitoring using interferometric SAR methods, including investigations of the different frequencies concerning their sensitivity to temporal decorrelation of the phase signal due to vegetation and their sensitivity to surface movement, differences with respect to ground resolution, revisit time, number of achievable measurement pixels and maximum detectablemovement. Methods like “Temporary Coherent Scatterers (TCS)” will be investigated in detail, in order to cope with the issue of temporal decorrelation. - Amplitude Change Detection (ACD) using C- and X-band data with similar spatial resolution: Methods shall be developed in order to perform ACD with e.g. archived X-band and newly acquired C-band data. - Establish a monitoring concept for detection and monitoring man-made changes. The Canadian team is funded through the CSA’s Space and Technology Development Program Announcement of Opportunity Number 2 (CSA STDP AO2); funding reference by the title of the proposal “Realizing the Potential of Space-Based C and X-Band Infrastructure and Environmental Change Monitoring”. The German team is funded by DLR Raumfahrmanagement/BMWi; funding reference no. 50EE1513.

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