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Summary of Proposal LAN3001

TitleForest height and aboveground biomass retrieval in tropical forests using multi-pass X- and C-band Pol-InSAR data
Investigator Siegert, Florian - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, N/A
Team Member
Dr. Lampropoulos, George - A.U.G. Signals Ltd. , N/A
Dr. Englhart, Sandra - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, N/A
Mr. Staengel, Matthias - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, N/A
Dr. Liu, Ting - A.U.G. Signals Ltd. , N/A
Mrs. Li, Yifeng - A.U.G. Signals Ltd. , N/A
SummaryA cooperation is planned between A.U.G. Signals Ltd. (AUG) who has extensive experience in polarimetric and interferometric SAR processing and Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH (RSS) who is specialized in AGB modelling in tropical forests. The aim of this project is to estimate forest height and AGB in tropical peat swamp forests in Central Kalimantan on Borneo whereby the focus is on the synergistic use of X- and C- band POLInSAR data. Forest inventory data and airborne LiDAR measurements which are already available will be processed and used as reference for AGB and forest height, respectively. Furthermore, a field campaign is planned in order to obtain up-to-date AGB reference values. Forest height will be retrieved using random volume-over ground (RVoG) and random motion-over-ground (RMoG) models using RADARSAT-2, Sentinel-1 and TerraSAR-X data. Different beam modes, acquisition dates, baselines, polarizations and their impact on forest height and AGB accuracy will be thoroughly evaluated. Furthermore, an algorithm based on existing change detection techniques will be developed to monitor forest height and AGB changes between two acquisition dates. As a last step, RSS will test the developed models for their applicability in another tropical forest ecosystem (lowland tropical rainforest) located in the province Musi Banyu Asin on Sumatra. The work of AUG and RSS is closely linked as the results are built upon each other. A close cooperation will be assured through two personal meeting and regular video conferences.

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