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Summary of Proposal OCE2983

TitleShiptac: Synergistic use of X- and C-band SAR-data for tactical ship route planning in Arctic Waters
Investigator Lang, Oliver - Airbus DS Geo GmbH, Geo-Intelligence
Team Member
Mr. Power, Desmond - C-CORE, Remote Sensing
Mr. Christmann, Roland - Airbus DS Geo GmbH, Geo-Intelligence
Mr. Jochum, Markus - Airbus DS Geo GmbH, Geo-Intelligence
Mr. Hall, Richard - Statoil, Mapping and Geographical Information
SummaryAs a result of climate change the sea ice conditions in the arctic become increasingly attractive in the summer months for commercial shipping. However, shipping routes in the Arctic north remain affected through ice and icebergs. Timely variable ice conditions require continuous monitoring and where appropriate an adjustment of the route. Airbus Defence and Space and the Canadian partner C-CORE are therefore proposing to investi-gate, define and build methods by combining C- and X-band data to support tactical ship routing. Usually wide area SAR modes, e.g. from RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR are used to gather information for strategic ice information. In addition there is a demand for tactical planning to specify which in-formation has to be up-to-date and geographical limited to an area of interest. High resolution X-band SAR data could contribute with detailed information about sea ice structures that cannot be detected by the wide swath modes. This project aims to investigate 1. Analysis of the information content of C- and X-band SAR data with respect for ice type classification, ship and iceberg detection. 2. Determination of the optimal resolution and mode required for tactical information in particu-lar for the detection of press ice and Icebergs in pack-ice. 3. Derivation of an acquisition strategy: Use of RADARSAT-2 and Sentinel-1 data for strate-gic information, use of high resolution TerraSAR-X data as basis for tactical decision mak-ing 4. Analysis of a multi sensor tracking which will fuse multiple detections from different SAR and AIS sources into one track. In addition drift and movement patterns will be taken into account. The detection and the tracking of icebergs and ships in surrounding sea ice will be improved through the commentary C- and X-band data sources In the frame of the project is planned to cooperate with the Canadian company C-CORE, who will submit a proposal under the Announcement of Opportunity R&D for C- and X-band Satellite Data Integration. C-CORE will focus on the following aspects • Combined use of C- and X-band data to reduce the false alarm rate of ships and icebergs in pack-ice. • Improved acquisition planning by use of the forecasted ship routes Funding will be provided by DLR agency in the context of the call „Entwicklung von neuen Anwendungen, Produkten und Diensten unter integrativer Nutzung von X- und C-Band SAR-Daten“.

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