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Summary of Proposal HYD2908

TitleMulti-frequency Wetland Monitoring in Northern Canada
Investigator Wendleder, Anna - German Aerospace Center , German Remote Sensing Data Center
Team Member
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Schmitt, Andreas - Hochschule München, Fakultät für Geoinformation
Mr. Murnaghan, Kevin - Natural Resources Canada, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
Dr. Brisco, Brian - Natural Resources Canada, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
Poncos, Valentin - Kepler Space Inc., Radar Remote Sensing
SummaryStarting in March 2015 regular acquisitions of the PAD test site will be ordered. Contemporarily, RADARSAT-2 will acquire images in different modes. For TerraSAR-X, only the dual-co-polarized Stripmap mode is of interest. ScanSAr unfortunately does not provide any polarimetric information. The coverage of the spotlight modes is far too small. Even using the dual-stripmap mode, three overflights are needed to complete the coverage of the test site. Both RADARSAT-2 and TerraSAR-X data will be prepared using the Kennaugh framework. Two different strategies for image interpretation will be tested: First, the multi-frequent images are combined to multi-frequency Kennaugh elements for further image evaluation. Secondly, the histogram-based image characterization extracting similarities to sample land cover classes will be utilized to evaluate the single images and the results, i.e. probabilities for the occurrence of special land cover classes, are merged together to achieve a multi-frequency information base. Those results then are compared to the results produced by NRCan by the help of traditional SAR decomposition techniques like the Freeman-Durden decomposition and others. Both results naturally will be validated by considering ground truth data. Finally, the study will lead to a joint publication in a recognized international journal.

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