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Summary of Proposal LAN2894

TitleUse of TerraSAR-X experimental mode for textural analysis over the forestof Landes de Gascogne region, France
Investigator Frison, Pierre-Louis - Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, ESYCOM
Team Member
Mrs Cazals, Cécile - University Paris Est Marne la Vallee, Service de la recherche a l
SummaryThe launch in 2007 of TerraSAR-X satellite with a metric spatial resolution, looks promising for the forests observation, this feature provides access to textural information at scales of several meters,which was not accessible with the previously existing SAR satellite. TerraSAR-X experimental mode provides a resolution even better, for about 0.24x0.6 m, this study will analyze the contribution of the textural analysis of experiential mode in forest stand mapping (age,crown size, hight …) in the Landes de Gascognes region. The study will focus on assessing the complementarity between textural analysis and polarimetric information (HS dual-polarization) ofTerraSAR-X products. TerrSAR-X data will be used with ALOS-2 and Sentinel-1 data in order to evaluate the contribution of multi-frequency approach. Finally,TerraSAR-X data will be compared with Pléiades images, in order to study its synergy with optic data.

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