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Summary of Proposal LAN2889

TitleInner Niger Delta Ecosystem Analyses
Investigator Gessner, Ursula - DLR, Land Surface
Team Member
Mr. Knauer, Kim - University of Wuerzburg and DLR-DFD, Institute of Geography
Mr. Klein, Igor - DLR-DFD, Land Surface
SummaryThe Inner Niger Delta is a large wetland area of floodplains and flooded forests locatedin Mali. The delta is densely populated and home to more than 500,000 people.The region is an important basis for the livelihood of its inhabitants and features an outstanding biodiversity. At the same time the ecosystem functions andservices of the wetland area are affected by increasing land use pressure andclimate change and variability. The proposed research intents to explore the potential, and suitability of TerraSAR-X in combination with optical data to delineateimportant wetland features, as well as to characterize indicators for climateand land use related change and variability, in order to better understand the effect of land use and climate change on the functioning of the Inner Niger Delta ecosystem.

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