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Summary of Proposal CAL2816

TitleCORREO - Conformal Retro Reflectors for Earth Observation
Investigator Morrison, Keith - Cranfield University, School of Cranfield Defence and Security
Team Member
Morrow, Ivor - Cranfield University, School of Cranfield Defence and Security
Dr Sowter, Andrew - University of Nottingham, Nottingham Geospatial Institute
SummaryThe objectives of this project are to test a new form of passive retro-reflector, a meta-reflector (M-R), that is conformal, thin, lightweight, easily attached and possesses a highly stable reflection phase property. The method of the work will be to construct an M-R tuned to the TerraSAR-X frequency that will provide a high cross-section. The M-R will be fixed upon the roof of the Nottingham Geospatial Building, which is already a test area for GNSS antennae and is therefore known to be stable with limited clutter. We are requesting two high-resolution Spotlight-mode TSX acquisitions be made of the Nottingham site, from which we will assess the quality and stability of the target through analysis of the IRF and the target phase. Cranfield University will compare the observations with predictions based upon laboratory tests and will produce a report as deliverable based upon the results. The work to be undertaken is funded by the existing UK Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation project 'CORREO'.

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