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Summary of Proposal MTH2790

TitleAdvancing methods for rapid mapping of floods, landslides and fires
Investigator Martinis, Sandro - DLR, DFD
Team Member
Mr. Twele, André - DLR, DFD
Mr. Plank, Simon - DLR, DFD
Mr. Cao, Wenxi - DLR, DFD
Mrs. Fuchs, Eva-Maria - DLR, DFD
Mr. Clandillon, Stephen - SERTIT, N/A
Mr. Maxant, Jerome - SERTIT, N/A
Mrs. Caspard, Mathilde - SERTIT, N/A
Mrs. Huber, Claire - SERTIT, N/A
SummaryEvery year, natural disasters such as floods, fires and landslides affect the lives of thousands of citizens. Climate change has been identified as a main driver for natural hazards and its impact will most likely increase in the future. Earth Observation (EO) from space has evolved to a fundamental element of emergency management (e.g. disaster response, disaster risk reduction, disaster risk management).The ESA funded project “Advancing SAR and optical methods for rapid mapping” (ASAPTERRA) – this proposal refers to – aims to develop robust and transferable, but at the same time fast and accurate methods to significantly enhance rapid mapping techniques in the context of flooding, landslides and fires. Thereby, the TerraSAR-X mission with its various acquisition modes is in particular of interest. An enhancement of existing and the development of new methods for flood, landslide and fire detection is expected by the research group.

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