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Summary of Proposal OCE2738

TitleDevelopment and improvement of algorithms for automated coastline detection on TerraSAR-X images
Investigator Wiehle, Stefan - DLR, IMF SAR BF
Team Member
Mr. Tings, Björn - DLR, IMF SAR BF
Dr. Gebhardt, Claus - DLR, IMF SAR BF
Dr. Lehner, Susanne - DLR, IMF SAR BF
SummaryThe detection of waterlines is crucial for many coastal areas and river estuaries where the water depth often changes on short timescales due to tidal effects and currents. The automated detection of coastlines is an inevitable component of maritime safety.

The main areas of interest are the German Wadden Sea and the estuaries of large rivers, e.g. Elbe and Weser in the North sea and other river estuaries with increased ship traffic. For a consolidation of the algorithms and the possibility of worldwide application, many more datasets of coastal regions with different coastal morphology and different wind and tidal conditions are required.

The algorithms are developed under NRT requirements in order to be used operationally. An operational processor periodically will be delivered to the satellite centre in Neustrelitz. Research contributions are regularly presented in scientific conferences and published in relevant literature.

The funding is provided by the EMSec project and European projects like MARISS, SAGRES and DOLPHIN.

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