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Summary of Proposal MTH2732

TitleUrban DEM by stereoradargrammetric processing of TerraSAR-X Staring Spotlight data
Investigator Rossi, Cristian - DLR, IMF-SAR
Team Member
Mr Giardino, Giosue Andrej - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Civil Engineering and Computer Science (DICII)
Mr Duque Biargue, Sergi - DLR, IMF-SAR
Prof. Schiavon, Giovanni - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Civil Engineering and Computer Science (DICII)
SummaryResearch efforts forspaceborne SAR-based urban DEM mainly focus on coherent multi-baselinetechniques (i.e. Tomography and PSI) or classic single-baseline interferometry.The application of stereo radargrammetric methods to Staring Spotlight spaceborneSAR images still needs investigation. The sub-metric along track resolution ofSAR imagery acquired in the Staring Spotlight mode suits the need to capturethe highly structured morphology of urban objects. The proposed research willanalyze the following points: 1)Performanceof incoherent cross-correlation, as a similarity measure, at increasingbaselines. 2)Selection of optimal compromise between thecontrasting needs of a large intersection angle and low radiometric difference. 3)Performanceof alternative matching techniques (e.g. phase correlation, mutual informationand feature-based methods). Exploitation by matching algorithms of the regularfeatures typical of urban imagery (e.g. linear edges, point patterns), takingadvantage of the Staring Spotlight sub-metric azimuth resolution. 4)Integrationof radargrammetric height measurements into InSAR processing.

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