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Summary of Proposal LAN2724

TitleGeoarchaeology in northern Jordan II: identifying ancient fields in the context of soils and landscape geomorphology
Investigator Lucke, Bernhard - FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Institute of Geography
Team Member
Prof. Dr. Braun, Matthias - FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Institute of Geography
Prof. Dr. Schörner, Günther - University of Vienna, Institute of Classical Archaeology
SummaryIn acurrently running project funded by the German Research Foundation in northernJordan (LU 1552/3-1), historic field systems and their connection to soils andgeomorphology are reconstructed by a combination of intense archaeologicalsurvey and soil and sediment analysis. Air photos and satellite images provideevidence for the remains of man-made structures and land use systems, whichwere so far only occasionally investigated. Ongoing research work showed thatmany fields are located on ancient land surfaces probably dating back to thePleistocene, but some areas were affected by very significant sedimentationprocesses, possibly mainly during a relatively short period during the 6thcentury AD. As well, it seems possible that structures in the eastern part ofthe investigation region were covered by Aeolian sediments.Methods: On the basis of the Terra-SAR-Xsatellite imagery, a terrain model will be compiled and be combined withgeo-references historical air photos. Selected identified ancient land usestructures will be subject to further investigation, such as soil analyses,geophysical research (geoelectrics, georadar, and geomagnetics), andarchaeological surveys and excavation. The project has been supported by aTerraSAR-X-archive proposal (LAN1568), but so far a total of only 16 imageshave become available in the archive which are not suited for the calculationof a terrain model.

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