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Summary of Proposal GEO2692

TitleDetection, Monitoring of landslide by Using DInSAR method in Zagros region, Iran
Investigator shirani, kourosh - university of isfahan, Iran, Geology
Team Member
Dr. sharifikia, mohamad - university of tarbiat modares tehran, Iran, Remote sensing department
SummaryLandslides are one of the most dangerous natural hazards in the world,causing high annual death tolls. Integrated optimization of landslide alertsystems should lead the practitioner from data acquisition to suggestions ofrisk management measures. The objectives of the project are the development of observation methods and risk assessment that allow: (i) Detection and mapping landslides exploiting fine-resolution to very-high resolution satellite SAR images, and produce landslide inventory map on large scale, (ii) Landslide monitoring, through the integration of ground based andsatellite technologies, including GPS and DInSAR(small baseline), the InSAR time-series technique of Small Baseline (SBAS) approach, (iii) Landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk modelling using information obtained processing optical and radar data, (iv) Vulnerability and damage assessment, exploiting optical and radar sensors,and (v) Landslides forecasting, using thresholds, models and remote sensing data. Methods -In order to detection and monitoring of landslides will use DInSAR method and Permanent Scatterer Technique, -Then results of processing SAR Images compare with GPS data and evaluate them, -Monitoring landslides according to time series technique of small baseline, -Preparation of landslide inventory map based on previous SAR processing, - extraction of information layers (slope and aspect maps, infrastructures map,lineaments map, ...) from satellite images required next step, -Finally analysis of hazard and risk of landslides based on previous Insar andDInSAR processing

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