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Summary of Proposal COA2686

TitleTesting of Digital Elevation Models Through Imaging Radar for Discrimination of Coastal Wetlands in The Mouth of Amazon River
Investigator Guimarães, Ulisses - CENSIPAM, Department of Remote Sensing
Team Member
Master of Sciences Rodrigues, Thanan - São Paulo State University, Cartographic Sciences
SummaryIn recentdecades, natural disasters have become a threat to the population and economicactivities located along the coast up to 60 km. These adverse events largeproportion on coastal ecosystems are linked: i) from physical agents in variousspatio-temporal scales, with majority influence of climate change and relativesea level rise; and, ii) the occupation and development of applied coastalareas with high population density, over-exploitation fishing, industrialactivities and sanitation deficit model. The Amazon Coastal Zone is marked byimpressive discharge of sediment and freshwater influence by the mouth of theAmazon River. This coast is characterized by an extremely wide continentalshelf, extensive plains that are periodically flooded and higher plateausformed in older sedimentary rocks. Coastal environments are naturallyvulnerable to phenomena linked to morphodynamic processes such as erosion anddeposition praial, timely events and tides, yet another aggravating is in humidtropical conditions characterized by high and constant rainfall, hightemperatures and cloudy, culminating in the intensification of weathering anddenudation in relief. Propose the characterization and coastal geomorphologicalanalysis requires the use of remote sensing in optical and microwave spectrum,combined with techniques of digital image processing, object orientedclassification and spatial analysis. The mapping of coastal relief must use thetechniques of radargrammetry and interferometry that will be able to test the DigitalElevation Models. The needs of morphometric mapping can be used for updating nauticalcartographic and identify elements of the landscape that have an increased physicalnatural susceptibility threating the coastal ecosystem. Radar images will beevaluated under perspective of precision and accuracy geometric set in differentfrequencies and polarizations. It will be enhanced the processes of inferenceand modeling highly significant parameters for coastal susceptibility throughstatistical techniques and multivariate analysis. It will be developed Index oflandscape, geoscience thematic data (collection, processing, and fieldvalidation) and synthesis maps of probability of risk, with respectivecorrelations for the underlying relief units and integration of multi-sourcedata. The main products of this research are related to: i) develop MDE highprecision and accuracy; ii) update nautical cartographic; iii) descriptive andexploratory analysis of coastal physical variables that contribute to coastalchange; and iv) development of an index of coastal susceptibility to erosion.It is necessary to realize that variables are more related to the physical susceptibilityof Amazon coastal wetlands that have events threating, this is to understandand to predict with reliability disastrous events that lead to risks to coastalecosystem and human activities. key-words: Radargrammetry, Interferometry, Digital Elevation Model,Humid Environments Coastal, Erosion Susceptibility

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