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Summary of Proposal HYD2642

TitleMonitoring of Lake Ice
Investigator Roth, Achim - DLR, DFD
Team Member
Dr. Heim, Birgit - Alfred Wegener Institute, Geosciences & Periglacial Research
Dr Grosse, Guido - Alfred Wegener Institut, Geosciences & Periglacial Research
Dr. Gauthier, Yves - INRS, Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement
Duguay, Claude - University of Waterloo, Department of Geography and Environmental Management
SummaryThe high-latitude regions of the earth are characterized by a vast number of water bodies, mostly lakes. Depending on the location the areal coverage of lakes in the arctic and sub-arctic regions ranges from 15 to 40% (Duguay, 2003). Water in general and lakes in particular have the ability to store heat. The monitoring of the ice-cover variability of lakes in high latitudes is therefore a good indicator for changes related to global warming and its effects on the polar regions.
The two objectives of this proposal are:
1) To develop a methodology and techniques for the automated derivation of lake ice cover, ice coverage in % and ice types. By employing time series the evolution of the ice shall be assessed.
2) The method shall be applied to circumpolar distributed lakes over several years. Changes of the annual behavior of these lakes shall be investigated as indicator of the effects of global warming.
The capability of the different modes and polarizations of TerraSAR-X shall be assessed. Furthermore the data shall be combined and synergistically utilized with other SAR sensors like Sentinel-1, RADARSAT-2 and ALOS-PALSAR.
Due to the global approach and the investigation of annual and perennial time series a large number of products is required. Wherever possible data from the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X archive shall be utilized.

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