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Summary of Proposal OCE2639

TitleMaritime Near Real Time Application Developement
Investigator Schwarz, Egbert - DLR, DFD
Team Member
Mr. Straßberger, Oliver - AIRBUS DS former Astrium GmbH, Ground System Engineering
Dr. Suhr, Birgit - DLR, RY
Mr. Gies, Tobias - DLR, MF
SummaryThe availability of different meteo-marine parameters within Maritime Situation Awareness Systems, derived from SAR images in near-real time, is required by different users. Algorithm development for value added image processing to derive information like ship- detection, wind, wave as well as detection of hazardous material and the experimental set-up of NRT processing capabilities are part ofthe BMBF project “Echtzeitdienste für die Maritime Sicherheit -Security-”(EMSec). It is well known that satellite radar (SAR) data are reliable for support the Maritime Situation Awareness response environmental monitoring and operationsin case of maritime accidents. With respect to the ongoing boosted offshore exploration, environmental parameters are important for installation and maintenance planning. Thus, there is a need for rapid and effective information generation and delivery. TerraSAR-X StripMap (SM) as well as ScanSAR (SC) in single and co-/cross-polarization is going to be used for the project.

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