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Summary of Proposal GEO2607

TitleMornitoring postseimsic motion of the 2013 Balochistan, Pakistan earthquake by TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Sun, Jianbao - Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Admnistration, Lab. Earthquake Dyanamics
Team Member
Master student Qianyun, Lu - Peking University, Earth and Space Science School
Associate Prof. Sun, Jianbao - Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Admnistration, Lab. Earthquake Dyanamics
SummaryWe already got high quality deformation of the 2013 Pakistan earthquake, but in order to understand some basic earth science theory through this earthquake, we also need high quality postseismic deformation data, which is the only way to discover the mechanisms behind earthquakes. Currently, we’ve already gotten useful, but low resolution information from Landsat-8 data. In order to do quantitative analysis, the high quality postseismic motion must be obtained as well. On this aspect, TSX data is the most perspective source for our purpose. In this study, we will reply on both SAR interferometry and amplitude offset analysis to do time series analysis, so that high quality temporal information can be retrieved for geophysical modeling. The data we need for this analysis is optimal for covering some curial areas along the earthquake fault.By investigating the TSX data using online tools of DLR, we find there are already some systematic planning for the radar data. It would be wonderful if the data can be acquired frequently in the following several years (one year might be good for fault creep detection, and more than 3 years could be best for rheology studies). We currently are more interested in the fault creep signals. So we consider to get at least the archived data of 2014 first (stripmap mode data preferred). We have general funding support for earthquake science research from our organizations, such as China Earthquake Administration and National ScienceFoundation of China. We would like to pay for the data with scientific-use price when this proposal is approved.

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