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Summary of Proposal LAN2567

TitleSpace-based SARInterferometry as a non-invasive method to monitor post-earthquake structural safety in Pengzhou City (Sichuan Province, China).
Investigator Parcharidis, Issaak - Harokopio University of Athens, Geography
Team Member
Assoc. Parcharidis, Issaak - Harokopio University, Geography
PhD student Benekos, George - Harokopio University, Geography
Student Derdelakos, Konstantinos - Harokopio University, Geography
SummaryOn May 12, 2008, a catastrophic earthquake (WenchuanEarthquake) measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Sichuan Province insouthwestern China. The powerful earthquake caused a major series of ecological and environmental problems; including impacts on major types of land use and land cover changes (LUCC). Until now, there has been little data to quantify informationabout environmental changes at the regional scale following the earthquake be cause of limited sources of data and complicated problems in accessing mountain sites to record the impact in Pengzhou city. Individual buildings in both urban and rural environments can be subject to surface displacement, which may cause structural damage. Deformation of ground/buildings is a critical indicator required toevaluate the structural safety, stability, and integrity. Recording the response of buildings during strong earthquake shaking and post-earthquake is a key element in improving seismic design. Recorded data is valuable to assist post-earthquake structural evaluation and form an important complement to data from in situ observations. During the last few years, space-borne SyntheticAperture Radar (SAR) interferometry has proven to be a powerful remote sensing tool for measuring and monitoring surface deformation and study thedeformationís impact on man-made structures. It provides centimetre to millimet reresolution and even single buildings can be mapped from space. This project aims to develop, demonstrate andvalidate advanced space-based SAR interferometric techniques to monitor potential surface deformation affecting the building stock of the Pengzhou Cityduring post-seismic period. Infrastructures and generally buildings often experience large strains due to earthquake shaking provoking permanent deformation. Major objective for this research project, aside from broadening our fundamental understanding of the impact of Earthís deformation on buildings and infrastructures, is the contribution of the technique to assess immediately as well as multi-temporal monitoring of deformation following a major earthquake event.

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