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Summary of Proposal GEO2555

TitleTime-lapse imaging with TerraSAR-X for surface deformation monitoring at a carbon storage/ enhanced gas recovery field demonstration in the Central Appalachian Basin, USA
Investigator Gilliland, Ellen - Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech,
Team Member
Professor Agioutantis, Zacharias - University of Kentucky, Department of Mining Engineering
Professor and Devon Pashin, Jack - Oklahoma State University, Boone Pickens School of Geology
Economic Geology Pro Lassetter, William - Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Division of Geology and Mineral Resources
Senior Miller, Michael - Cardno MM&A, N/A
Acting Program Direc Hills, Denise - Geological Survey of Alabama, Energy Investigations
Sr Principal Geologi Papadeas, Phil - Sandia Technologies, LLC, N/A
Sr Collins, Dan - Sandia Technologies, LLC, N/A
Assistant Professor Ripepi, Nino - Virginia Tech, Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering
SummaryAn upcoming carbon storage and utilization fielddemonstration in southwest Virginia will involve injecting up to 20,000 tonnesof carbon dioxide (CO2) into a reservoir composed of several thin, dispersedcoal seams using three injection wells. Thisproject is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and National EnergyTechnology Laboratory as part of a larger effort to assess the potential forcarbon storage and utilization for enhanced gas recovery in unconventionalreservoirs in the Central Appalachian Basin. The monitoring program for the injection test includes passivemicroseismic monitoring, formation logging, and gas composition monitoring atoffset wells. The sampling schemes usedfor these methods and for the proposed, time-lapsed SAR imagery acquisition overlapspatially and temporally and their results will be compared in order to confirmand add confidence to findings. The proposed use of the TerraSAR-X satellite is for theacquisition of SAR image scenes in Stripmap Mode. Data acquisition would begin as soon asfeasible, with a scene acquired upon every repeat cycle of 11 days for a periodof one year. Time-lapse imagery would beevaluated in conjunction with ground-based differential GPS station data, forevidence of surface deformation. Anticipatedsources of deformation include uplift due to CO2 injection, subsidence due tocoalbed methane production in the surrounding CBM field, and subsidence due tounderground mining approximately 21 km from the injection site. In addition to quarterly project status reports, thedeliverables required for this project are the following: Project Management Plan Site Selection and Access Agreements CO2 Procurement Plan Permitting Action Plan Public Outreach Plan Site Characterization and Modeling Plan Catalog of Well Logs File Well Drilling and Installation Plan MVA Plan Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan Site Development, Operations, and Closure Plan Implementation Status Report Quick-look Report due 30 days after the initiation ofinjection Mid-term Status Report due 6 months after the initiationof injection Update Site Characterization / Conceptual Models Plan Project Closure and Status Report Commercialization Plan

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