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Summary of Proposal GEO2553

TitleDeformation signals related to induced seismicity
Investigator Yoon, Clara - Stanford University, Geophysics
Team Member
Professor Zebker, Howard - Stanford University, Geophysics
SummaryThe objective of this study is to test the feasibility of InSAR as an independent, complementary source of surface deformation data in data-poor regions with potentially induced seismicity. Both the energy industry and the scientific community are interested in figuring out whether or not earthquakes in these areas are induced by industrial activity, specifically wastewater fluid injection or fluid withdrawal from oil and gas production, but the data needed to answer this question (such as seismic monitoring, fluid volumes and pressures over time) are often not available. Deformation signals in InSAR data, combined with modeling, can estimate deformation source parameters in the event of missing data, or further constrain parameters if other data sources have large uncertainties, that may help determine if these earthquakes are human-induced. For our method, we would form interferograms from TerraSAR-X data collected over two locations in Texas and Oklahoma, looking for surface deformation signals near known earthquake locations. For calibration, we also plan to form interferograms over a subsiding area in central California oil fields that have known deformation signals. The data requirements are these TSX-1.SAR.L1b-Stripmap acquisitions: Central CA: 2 scenes, 2013-01-12, 2013-06-15 Timpson TX: 2 scenes, 2010-08-29, 2012-01-12 Luther OK: 2 scenes, 2013-06-28, 2013-07-20 The deliverable will be a poster or oral presentation describing the research results, including interferograms, and possibly a short publication. The investigator is funded by an internal fellowship at Stanford University that would last throughout the duration of this study.

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