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Summary of Proposal LAN2356

TitleTomography and SAR Image Processing for Urban Mapping: Case Studies of Shanghai and Qingdao of China
Investigator Zhu, Xiaoxiang - Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF), German Aerospace Center (DLR), SAR signal processing
Team Member
Prof. Xu, Feng - Fudan University, Key Lab for Information Science of Eelectromagnetic Waves
M. Sc, Wang, Yuanyuan - Technishce Universität München, Remote Sensing Technology
M. Sc, Ge, Nan - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology
Dipl. Baier, Gerald - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology
SummaryWe propose to develop and evaluate the hybrid approach of SAR tomography and image processing for high-definition urban mapping. The objective is to explore the potential of fusing different forms of information extracted from the same HR SAR imagery using different approaches. First, both tomography and image processing techniques will be applied independently on the same set of HR SAR data. Then the results will be analyzed in terms of their mutual complementary aspects. An appropriate data fusion method will be proposed to fuse the results or combine the two methods organically in order to obtain high-definition urban structure reconstruction. High-resolution spotlight mode TerraSAR-X data is required for two coastal cities of eastern China, i.e. Shanghai and Qingdao. For tomography, a stack of 10-20 orbits of data for the same site is preferred. For image processing, a couple of very-high-resolution images with different aspect angles are preferred. Peer-reviewed scientific papers documenting the proposed method and corresponding analyses and case studies will be the deliverables. The funding sources are mainly from Fudan University which is sponsored in part by the Natural Science Foundation of China.

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