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Summary of Proposal GEO2328

TitleResearch of the geodynamic processes of Karaganda city with application of a satellite radar interferometry
Investigator Mozer, Dmitriy - KSTU, Mining
Team Member
Msc. Satbergenova, Asel - KSTU, Mining
SummaryThemain purpose of project is to explore geodynamic processes ofundermined territories of Karaganda coalfield by using satelliteradar interferometry. Processingwill be produced by the method of PCA and CBS. Satelliteradar PCA or InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) is amethod of data processing of radiolocation with PCA. This method ishighly effective in monitoring of ground surface in the periodbetween radar surveys that were made from satellite. Complexinterferogram , which is calculated by two PCA snapshots, allows todetermine the surface displacements. They can be compared withwavelength of satellite radar. Cross-interferometryseries of small baselines (SBAS). Contribution statistics is enhancedin the final result at the expense of cross processing of plentyinterferometric pair, but a number of snapshots is not changed. Thenthe chronology of displacements will be restored from the firstsnapshot to the last one in the end of the project. Subsidenceplaces will be identified by the first series of snapshots. Aftermathground-placed measurements will be performed using GPS. Alsorecommendations of Karaganda geodynamic situations will be developedbased on studies. Process of monitoring will be agreed mines of thebiggest mining company “Arcelor Mittal Steel”. Orderdata will be performed from TerraSAR-X satellite, which has broadbandhigh-resolution mode. To meet the challenges of this project andmonitoring of Karaganda undermined territories snapshots will bepurchased each month, except winter months, because winter with heavysnowfalls in this territory and it is impractical to purchase radarpictures during this period. Grant of Ministry of Education andScience of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“The study of moderngeodynamic processes Karaganda using satellite radar interferometry”)gives funding to purchase radar snapshots.

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