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Summary of Proposal LAN2292

TitleForest resources mapping using TerraSAR-X stereo data
Investigator Karjalainen, Mika - Finnish Geodetic Institute, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
Team Member
Prof. Eriksson, Leif - Chalmers University of Technology, Earth and Space Sciences
Dr. Vastaranta, Mikko - Helsinki University, Forest Sciences
Lic.Sc. Karila, Kirsi - Finnish Geodetic Institute, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
Dr. Fransson, Johan - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Resource Management
SummaryThe amount of forest bound carbon is currently a salient climate political issue on the global level. A major portion of the total forest carbon storage consists of the growing stock’s carbon reserves. Thus, one of the biggest challenges currently in forest inventory research is how to measure and monitor forest biomass and its changes effectively and accurately. The recent knowledge on forest biomass and its changes is based on ground measurements and coarse or medium resolution satellite images. According to some users, the accuracy of biomass estimations, especially at regional or local level, should be improved. The objective of this study is to use stereo-radargrammetric processing to extract digital surface models from very high resolution TerraSAR-X SAR images to forest resources mapping inventory and change detection. Radargrammetric pairs will be processed to get DSMs in Evo test site. Using the forest height from radargrammetry and the existing accurate ALS-based Digital Terrain Model, the biomass can be estimated. The results are compared to airborne laser scanning (ALS) data and field data in Evo test site. ALS data is available and can be obtained from the National Land Survey of Finland. ALS data includes the lidar point cloud (point density is approximately 0.5 points/m2) and the Digital Terrain Model created from the ALS data. According to the data policy of the NLS Finland, data is open and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the NLS web-service. Sample plot data is available from field campaigns committed by University of Helsinki Department of Forest Sciences. The study is funded by the EU/FP7 project: Advanced_SAR (Grant Agreement Number 606971, and the ESA Dragon3 Young Scientist project: “Forest canopy height models from radargrammetric and interferomertric SAR processing”, and the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI).

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